Why you need a China hosting for China 13 Billions Internet Users Market

Website hosted at a China base server, your website will not be blocked. Only foreign hosted websites are blocked by the great firewall. The great firewall applies only to international connections from/to China and as such has no effect on locally hosted websites. If your site is hosted within China and happens to break the law, the government will instruct the datacenter to take down your website (or the whole server), there is no need for them to block the site. The whole point of the great firewall is to prevent access to websites hosted on servers on which the Chinese government has no control (servers physically located overseas).

China Webhosting Service by HaBangNet will be hosted at Beijing, China Datacenter can be located at http://www.habangnet.com/chinasharedhosting.html

All China Hosting will be up within 24 hours upon verify and confirm.